About Me

People frequently ask me "when did you realize you had this gift?".  The answer is really complex.  Ever since I was a young girl I have been able to feel how other people feel.  I could walk into a room and feel if someone was happy, scared, or sad.  I have also always been able to feel and sometimes see other spiritual energies around me.  I ignored it for many years and even tried to push it away. 


After a tragic accident, one particular spirit was repeatedly coming to me to try to get a message to his wife.  I reluctantly contacted her and the message he had me give to her was something she had been asking to hear from him.  After many more experiences like this one, I realized how healing and important my gift can be to other people. 

It always comes from love and I am grateful to all who encouraged me to embrace this part of myself and share it with others.


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