"My only sibling died at a young age. As anyone can imagine it was a traumatic event in my life and my families. It has been 12 years now and the wound is still very raw. I had the opportunity to go to one of Melanie's workshops in February 2007. I had gone with mixed feelings, not knowing what to expect. I was overwhelmed with emotion when my brother came to me through Melanie. It was the most euphoric experience I have ever had. I left there overjoyed, exhausted and at peace. Melanie's ability to communicate with loved ones that have gone before us is a unique talent and one to be shared. Her love and empathy for people comes through in her messages as she delivers them. I have the utmost respect for Melanie as an Intuitive Medium, and as a person. I have since taken other members of my family to meet with her, so they could also experience the peace and comfort that you obtain from a meeting with Melanie."