"I had never been to a Medium before you. I had been meditating and praying on guidance as to where to go.  This lead me to two different people within a month's time tell me about the experiences they had with you. All of them have been to you more than once. When I called to make an appointment, you answered and I had a really good feeling. I was fortunate to not have to wait too long to meet with you. Our time together was much more than I ever hoped for or imagined.  You are truly blessed with wonderful gift that has given me a sense of peace and joy. You were able to help me find the answers I was looking for and closure where I needed it. I felt so comfortable through the whole experience ... an experience I will never forget. Thank you so much for the gift you have given me. I look forward to meeting with you again soon!"

"I would just like to take a moment of your day and THANK YOU  from the bottom of my soul for the beautiful reading that I experienced recently with you.  I sincerely cannot express enough to you the forever impact upon my heart and mind with your messages from my loved ones.  Since the reading, I have carried with me such a sense of serenity within and a peace and balance that I have longed for some time now.  I will be forever grateful for the spiritual gift that you share with so many of the human spirit and soul."    

"I've always been doubtful about whether the dead communicate with the living. Recently a fellow yoga student related her experience with Melanie to me and so out of curiosity I decided to attend one of Melanie's workshops. Without going into detail (I tend to ramble) the evening of the reading was for me powerfully moving, and positively eye-opening!! I am doubtless that Melanie has a wonderful gift,
thankful I had the opportunity for her to share it with me, and looking forward to experiencing her gift again soon. Wow!!"

"My experience with Melanie was absolutely wonderful and fulfilling. She truly is a gifted person. I had always had a belief that the spirits are around and give us signs of their presence. After attending Melanie's workshop, my belief was confirmed. After hearing all of the touching readings she provided for so many people, I felt very honored to be part of it. I look forward to my next workshop with her."

"I met you the middle of May at a home party with my husband. You tuned into my Sister, Mom, Father-in-law and future. I just wanted to thank you so much for a very emotional experience, I have always believed deep down inside that my Sister was fine and that she was with my Mom. With a little luck my kids will be here for the 4th of July week and I would like to get them and the rest of my family together with you if that is possible. As the time draws nearer I will be in contact with you. Again, thank you for what I tell everyone was the best Birthday present ever given to me!"

"My only sibling died at a young age. As anyone can imagine it was a traumatic event in my life and my families. It has been 12 years now and the wound is still very raw. I had the opportunity to go to one of Melanie's workshops in February 2007. I had gone with mixed feelings, not knowing what to expect. I was overwhelmed with emotion when my brother came to me through Melanie. It was the most euphoric experience I have ever had. I left there overjoyed, exhausted and at peace. Melanie's ability to communicate with loved ones that have gone before us is a unique talent and one to be shared. Her love and empathy for people comes through in her messages as she delivers them. I have the utmost respect for Melanie as an Intuitive Medium, and as a person. I have since taken other members of my family to meet with her, so they could also experience the peace and comfort that you obtain from a meeting with Melanie."

"I met you on 11-6-07 with my mother in law and sister in law, I just wanted to tell you I was blown away with the things you knew about my brother in law Jason. There was one point where the way you moved and spoke seemed like you were him. You answered a lot of questions I had. Most of all you gave my mother in law a sense of peace with the loss of her son. You have an amazing gift and we will never forget this experience with you. We are looking forward to our next meeting with you.  I have recommended you to everyone I know.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I have had the privilege of being a friend of Melanie's for 20+ years now. I knew her before she was Melanie, the Medium. She was just a loving friend, a bright, beautiful person, and later a loving wife and mom. And that is the person she brings to this new life's calling. This was not something that Mel asked for. I believe it was just in her conscious evolving as a person, and opening to spirit through prayer and meditation, that she realized this special gift. I take credit in being part of the force to push Melanie to doing readings for the public. I loved having her to myself (and our group of friends), and have had so many helpful, and often spontaneous, readings that have brought me clarity, peace and renewed trust in Life...but I am happier for the world that she is out there spreading Love!"

"On Sept 25,2006 I lost my best friend in an accident. He was like a brother to me. I never got to say goodbye. People that know me know I don't believe in life after death. No Heaven or Hell, I didn't believe in spirits or anything. I am 36 years old and he was 35, I was his best man in his wedding a month before he passed on. It use to drive him crazy when he was alive because of how I would talk about death.  After a year and a half of dreams almost every night a friend gave me Melanie's name and number. I was reluctant at first but I had to try and get some answers and BOY DID I. I wish I could share every detail with everyone but it would take up to much room. She is amazing. I went for the hour reading and it was too short. I didn't want it to stop. She channeled him through her. All I can compare it to is the movie Ghost. It really happened. She brought up situations and things that took place in our lives no one ever would know. Melanie knew nothing about me, I called from pay phones, she didn't know my last name I was careful not to reveal anything to give her clues. She is for real and I will definitely go see her and my friend again.  My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I will answer any questions anyone has about her and my reading. I do believe in a higher being now, our spirits definitely live on in faith. I still hurt and grieve everyday but I am at peace to know my best friend finally found peace and happiness. Thank You Melanie you truly are a gifted person."